Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Worship Seminar, Leadership Seminar, Discipleship Seminar, and Conference

Worship Seminar
Youth Discussion Group with new Discipleship Book by Linda Kaahanui

Women's Discipleship Discussion Group
Studying New Discipleship Book

Training Top Mozambican Leaders

These last two weeks have been pivitol as we brought in our top leaders/teachers from our three central provinces of Manica, Zambezia, and Sofala for encouragement and more training.  First we fed and housed them in the city of Beira as they participated in an incredible International Conference with a wonderful church, Peniel.  Afterwards they all came to our center for three seminars in a row, on leadership, worship, and our new discipleship book written by Linda Baker Kaahanui, Old Testament Stories.  Our 39 leaders loved every moment.  Now they’ve returned to their respective districts refreshed and equipped with more material to teach. 

God's Protection


God was with us on our journey home, protecting  us as we traveled the dangerous National Highway in one section where the rebel Renamo soldiers have been attacking vehicles passing through.  At the time we thought the attacks had stopped, so we loaded up our truck with Bibles in Maputo and continued on.  We were almost out of stock because these attacks have been going on for the past year, and we couldn’t travel this road.  When we got home, the news reached the web two days later that the attacks were actually accelerated that very week and had even had an incident that morning right before we passed through.  Praise Jesus He is our protector and our shield.  And we now have a new load of Bibles!  This week, FYI, an amnesty has been given to these rebels by the government and the attacks have stopped – at least until the elections in October.  The rebel leader is actually running for the office of President!

Time of Refreshing

We recently returned from South Africa after spending some family time with our son, Matthew,  who came to visit us from Oregon on his summer break.   It was a good time of refreshing and fun for the whole family.  We were also blessed to participate and teach in a “School of Revival” with our missionary friends who live there.  After it was over, the excited group of young people didn’t want to stop!  So we went out into the flea market in small groups of 3, praying and asking God who He wanted us to witness to or pray for.  My little group came upon a lady sitting on a low wall with two friends.  She had a cane and a foot propped up on the wall beside her.  We befriended  them  and asked if we could pray for her foot.  “Sure,” she answered.  After praying, I asked if she wouldn’t mind testing it out to see if she was healed.  Boldly she stood up and started walking without her cane and announced, “I don’t feel any more pain!”  I asked her two friends  if she could do this before.  “No! Not at all!” they responded.  Another good day with Jesus.