Saturday, June 22, 2013

Praise and More Praise

Medical Success
Thank you for all your prayers.  Everything turned out perfect for Lorena and Nate.  Lorena’s dental procedure went great – no problems.  Nate’s toe didn’t need to be operated on after all.  In America we saw a doctor that said he would need surgery.  But after your prayers and the time came for his appointment in South Africa, his podiatrist said he could just take care of it in his office!  Nate is fine now.

We were able to get all the solar Bibles across the border with no problems!  The border patrol just waved us through even though half or our truck was filled with boxes of solar Bibles and chargers!

In our last prayer letter we mentioned the vision of us pumping out water from a water pump.  The water (Word of God) gushed out and watered the entire land.  Well we didn’t know God would start fulfilling this so soon in such a dramatic way.  First, we’re given more solar Bibles, and get them safely across the border.  Next, we found a great price on printed Bibles in the capital city of Maputo.  So we were able to buy 1,000 Bibles, filling our truck to the brim!  The churches, which often have only one Bible, are so excited!

Praise:  More Missionaries Soon To Join Us!
Another praise report is that help has come and more is coming!  Ben Collier has joined us for the summer, for those of you that know him.  He just finished Bible school and is enthusiastically teaching the spiritually hungry Mozambicans.  We’ve lined up his schedule with weekly strategic groups of church leaders, youth groups, and even a Bible class at a local elementary school!  Everyone wants him and loves him! 

More help is coming in July!  This is awesome because we need more help with our pre-school, widows program, children’s ministry training for all our churches, and training and starting more discipleship centers.  We are excited that a single lady is coming with a gift of administration!  In October a family is joining us.   And by next April or May, another family plans to join our team!  Thank you all for your prayers in this area!  We are very excited to see all the prophecies and visions fulfilled that God has given us this year.

Political Unrest – please pray!
There have been some clashes between the two political parties here in Mozambique.  Several people have been killed, an ammunitions storage facility has been raided here in our city of Dondo by the rebel Renamo party, killing six soldiers.   Some civilian vehicles and busses have been attacked on the road, some burned.  Pray for this situation to be resolved quickly.  Both parties are involved in peace talks, but so far aren’t going well.  These are the same two political parties that fought in Mozambique’s civil war for 16 years, ending in 1992.  Please pray that these peace talks are effective and produce lasting peace.

Many Blessings,

The Wood Family

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