Monday, April 7, 2014

Pray for Caleb UPDATE

4/5/14 Please pray for our son Caleb. He tested positive for Malaria twelve days ago and started taking anti-malaria medicine. The medicine program lasts three days and usually kills all of the malaria parasites. Unfortunately several days after taking the medicine he still felt sick. We took him back to the clinic for another blood test and he is still positive. He is now on more anti-malaria medicine combined with antibiotics. Please pray that the Lord heals him!

UPDATE 4:27am PDT 4/7/14
Doctors just came over to see Caleb. He is still sick but doing better. Doctor's want him tested tomorrow to see if he is anemic. Pray that all the malaria parasites would be dead and Caleb would recover quickly!

UPDATE 4/10/14 Thank you all for your prayers.  Caleb finally tested negative, after two courses of malaria meds. He's now on strong antibiotics for 5 more days and is struggling with energy and anaemia. Full recovery can take weeks sometimes, especially in this type of case where Caleb was resistant to the medication... But he is on the road to recovery!

UPDATE:  4/20/14 Caleb is completely recovered!