Sunday, December 11, 2016

Reaching the Unreached

“The rains are coming!  We must go to Molevala quick before the river rises!”  Mounting the chappa (public transportation) with his wife, Pastor Zito and Josefina head out at daybreak on their long journey to this remote district in Zambezia.  They go as far as the chappa will take them, but the village is still miles ahead.  No cars, bridges, or roads exist in these parts.  Finishing on foot, Zito and Josefina are eager to reach this village, crossing the river before it rises too high.  Surprised, the couple finds the church full to the brim with the few believers from the previous visit, along with a crowd of unbelievers, mostly Muslim.  Zito decides to explain the gospel first, seeing so many unbelievers.  He and Josefina pray for their sick, feed them lunch, and share about God’s wonderful love and forgiveness.  Amazingly, the entire group accepts Jesus as their Savior and many are healed.  “Of course we want Jesus!  Why wouldn’t we?  We just never believed in Him before because no one ever told us about Him before!”  The seminar continued for three days, with more repentance and joy.  Monday morning a groggy voice answers my phone call. “How was the seminar?” I asked.   Receiving a slow, sleepy response, I quickly ask, “Oh, did I wake you?”  “No, we just got home after traveling ALL night!”  Yet Pastor Zito quickly set aside his fatigue and recounted with pure joy what happened over the weekend. 

Zito and his wife Josephina

I couldn’t help swell with pride for him, seeing such incredible spiritual growth and heart for the lost over these last six years of friendship.  He first came to us seeking employment.  But as he worked alongside us, his hunger and understanding for the Word increased. Evangelism and preaching became second nature as he became one of our most valuable ministry partners. This last year we all could see God had anointed him to return to his village and take on the leadership of his province, Zambezia, in church planting and teaching our seminars.  Sometimes spending time discipling one person can produce more fruit than you can ever imagine!  We miss Zito, but sometimes letting go can also produce more fruit than you think!  So we continue working with him from a distance, along with other team members we’ve raised up and sent out.  Together we are building up the Church and reaching the unreached with the Gospel – this is the abundant life! 



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