Saturday, September 1, 2012

News Continued...

Pictures - top left: Children’s ministry continues with evangelism in the “Bush” top right: 
Learning and playing at an outreach children’s program bottom left
Discipleship Center Graduation in Mafambisi bottom right: praying for graduates

During the week we’ve been busy conducting more training seminars for our third booklet, Obedient Disciples.  The response has been incredible.  As we met with the district pastors from Sofala last week, one reported, “Our minds are opening up!   We’ve been doing many things wrong because we just didn’t know the truth.  But now we are learning and the churches are starting to grow and change spiritually.” Many pastors are discovering for the first time the power and beauty of Scripture.  Why is this?  To most people here, the Bible is a mystery.  Most have not read much of it.  Manny cannot read anything at all.  So these Discipleship Centers offer a teacher who can read and explain the scriptures, and give out simple discipleship books to those who can read.  For the illiterate, they can still attend and listen.  We now have over 80 Centers running.  Please keep these leaders in your prayers.  

What Happened to George and his village?  (last newsletter)
If you can remember back to our last newsletter, we told you an amazing story of when we took our language learning class in Pemba from the Harvest School out into the village on their “practical” day. Our goal was to have the students put into practice what they had been learning for the week in language application.  The story ended by reporting all the healings God did in our language helper’s (George) village.  (More than an ordinary language learning day!) Well I am happy to tell you that a few days later, George’s two Muslim cousins and mother all got saved!  His neighbors have since begged George to come back and tell them more about Jesus and pray for them.  I know he did go back, but don’t know any more details yet.  I’ll find out when we go back to Pemba in October.  (George has no phone.)  Stay posted! 

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