Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year from Mozambique

Caleb, Lorena, Brian, and Nate

In the photo below are the two widowed sisters go to our church and live on the other side of our wall, in a mud shack. Last Monday we saw their plight and began putting on a new roof for them. By Christmas Eve, you see here in the second picture their completed roof. The next day, the next day was Christmas day.  The rain finally came. Good timing. Looking inside their hut, we saw only a pile of old clothes, a torn up reed mat, and fallen down mud from their wall. So we quickly bought them two new mats for sleeping, and sheets. Their smiles and grateful hearts make everything worth it!



Inviting our local churches and government officials, we combined a special Christmas service with our building dedication (a miraculous 2-year project).  Thrilled with our beautiful building and ministry, the president of our district cut the ribbon with kind words.  The Church is under the government here, so our good standing in their eyes now is a huge victory. Some of you may remember a year ago they threatened to kick us out because of false accusations brought against us...  God told us at the time in the midst of the spiritual battle that we had already won and not to give up, because He had great plans for this place.  Now you see the living proof!  Afterwards we served over 1,000 chicken dinners to this very happy bunch!
Sunday Morning Celebration!

For those who didn't already read our Facebook post about the amazing things God did with our team's recent relief outreach to Lugela, click here -
Praying for the Sick in Lugela

Distributing to the Poor

We wish you all a very blessed New Year!  Thank you for your continued support in prayer and finances.  This was a very fruitful year and we know next year will be even better. 
Much love,
Brian, Lorena, Caleb, and Nate

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