Wednesday, September 7, 2016

God is Good

Dear Friends,                                                                                     Aug. 16, 2016

Political unrest and famine plagues the central region of Mozambique where we serve.  But God is good.  He’s wooing His children to himself and calling the Body to help.  Though we are currently in the States for a couple more weeks, we are in constant contact with our missionary team on the field and our Mozambican leadership.  Recently our missionary team member, Peter, said he is receiving many calls asking for more seminars.  This news thrills us as we remember God’s first words to Brian when He called him to Mozambique, saying this land was not just in a famine of food, but of the Word of God.  His Word is the key to peace and justice for this country of violence and corruption.  While violence increases daily, shooting innocent citizens in cars and busses on the few main highways in this central region.  Because of this, our teams choose their seminar locations carefully and strategically, but the work is continuing.  So far none of our church members’ lives have been taken that we know of.  Funds have come in to give out relief to hundreds of families - mainly rice, beans, and seed to replant.  The rains have begun in many areas.  We are continuing to give out food relief, however, since it will still take time for these seeds to bear a harvest.  At each distribution our teams give the Word – encouraging the families to continue trusting in Jesus as their provider. 

Many in this culture turn to witchcraft and witch doctors to bring the rain and a prosperous harvest.  Many farms are cursed as witchcraft is literally buried in their fields with ritual ceremonies before planting, during the growing season, and at  harvest time.  Even many Christians are confused and still tempted with their traditions of witchcraft.  This time of famine has brought an opportunity and wake up call to hundreds of churches to cry out to God with repentance and plead for mercy on behalf of their ungodly countrymen.  Jesus is hearing the prayers and answering.  God is good.  As the funds come in to help them physically, we are tremendously thankful and blessed.  But we are even more excited to see their increased hunger for God!  Please pray with us for a continued harvest  – both physically and spiritually! 

Our time in the States is coming to an end.  We’ve so enjoyed our friendships and fellowship with those we’ve been able to see.  Brian has been able to recover well from his repeated bouts of malaria this last year (doctors orders to come home for a rest).  Seeing our older children and our beautiful grandchildren has been great too.  We look forward to more fruit for the kingdom this coming year.  Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support.  
Much love,
Lorena and Brian

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